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April 3, 1948
The Forbidden Date in History

On this day I reflect on what the best course of action should be.  Not at all unlike waking from exploratory surgery where a doctor informs you of a vast growth inside your body for which you have a few weeks to live.  I consider this the best news of my life when I consider how painful the growth has become.  Naturally I’m set to fight this sickness but really all efforts are foolish.  So many cells are affected and the only thing I could hope for is to attempt a rescue of what unaffected cells I can find.  Though in my body, the malignant grows reveals its influence in everything I put my hand to.  Today being April 3 is the anniversary of the first attack of the sickness but its affects were revealed in a search for related information

While perusing the Internet this morning, it became obvious that the majority of things appearing from a cursory search, reveal the mindset of western people. Today being April 3, is the Korean anniversary of the Jeju Island event described in the following material.  A mindset of western people is stated because all explanations for actions which took place in the 1940s by North Koreans are explanations generated by the those familiar with the structural format of western language. There is so much talk about the single evil which originates from the capitalist mindset, specifically, talk about Stalinist communism and western corporate media’s projections of its horrors. What’s missing is the eastern perspective which reveals the intimate connection between Asian collective identity and the kind of government that would arise from an Asian social state. The west sees good from the perspective of the individual’s freedom and happiness to gain and use capital, while the east presents what is good from the perspective of collective’s gain and the use of capital for the good of society’s health and happiness. 

The foundation of Eastern culture, having roots extending to prehistory, developed a government based on the natural model of the body with all its cells working together for the health of the whole. This form of government surely isn't novel, since its pattern is seen in every aspect of multicellular life. Written into our genetic code, human DNA was designed to produce a multicellular social life form that would incorporate its characteristics into a larger multicultural social life form with a government based upon supporting the good of the whole.  Thus, the information designed into nature stand in contrast to capitalist goals by showing that life unselfishly develops and prospers within a social body as members resign selfish individual desires by cooperating with other individuals of the planetary social body.

Capitalists are both self-ish, in that they originate from within the social body, and selfish, in that they behave in ways that benefit themselves at the expense of other individuals.  As a result of social evolution, capitalists have stopped cooperating with the other individuals of the planetary social body, are similar enough to those individuals to make it difficult for the system of national defense to detect and eliminate them. 

“Cancer cells are both self-ish, in that they originate from within us, and selfish, in that they behave in ways that benefit themselves at the expense of other cells.  As a result of somatic evolution, cancer cells have stopped cooperating with the other cells of a multicellular body but are similar enough to those cells to make it difficult for the immune system to detect and eliminate them.” 1

As stated above, capitalists being similar to healthy individuals, make it difficult for the system of national defense to detect and eliminate them; this is especially true when systems of national defense, being  controlled by capitalist interests, attacks the planetary social body using the very system meant to preserve planetary social health. The following account depicts this process by which a military defense system, attacked a healthy segment of an ancient social body as it is perceived as a threat to the selfish capitalist interests. 

(Must stop pursuing efforts to educate from within this infected body. Must let go, walk to the waiting gateway, and enter the cancer destroying rest of life .)

Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

Eleven years ago while working in Korea, efforts to support my Korean family lead to application for Korean citizenship, which, after being applied for was granted by the Korean government.  I was required to submit a necessary letter of American citizenship renunciation, however, US embassy officials refused receipt of this letter, which blocked final patiation efforts.  This action forced me to end my family supporting career as an educator and return to the US.  Why block my efforts for Korean patiation?  The reason for such action only makes sense IF I figure the United States blocked my transfer to Korean citizenship so I could do something for America. The only reason I can determine for stopping my transfer to Korean citizenship, is to initiate a confession of atrocities in Korea perpetrated by the US, and finally published, after all other associated Internet resources have been obfuscated, hidden or deleted.

Perhaps the best way to dispel misunderstandings of North Korea, is to present a couple of views from extremes of both sides. During the years from 2002-2008, personal research with the lives of survivors involved in the incident forming North Korea was conducted. Included in the research finding is information received directly from North Korea during shortwave broadcasts when radio programs presented reviews of national history.  My early years in Korea had me skeptical about the content of such broadcasts, nevertheless, preparations to verify the content of radio programing was made. Disregarding fears from locals in South Korea about North Korea broadcasts, information gained from shortwave listening was compared to historical records gathered from locals associated with the massacre of April 3, 1948. Over the six years, gathering records from survivors of a horrible massacre, a continuity of historical accounts was discovered. With regards to all the history that officials in North Korea felt important to broadcast, the account of the Jeju massacre was the most frequently mentioned; because of this, I considered similar reports from locals on Jeju Island to have significant correlation. 

I believe it's important to show that other people of the world maintain healthy positive views of North Korea. An objective and unbiased video of North Korea made by people from countries other than Japan and the US, will make up the introduction to this report.

Jeju April 3, 1948 Event

Leaders of an armed militia moved into the island village to rounded up all citizens.  Soldiers, speaking a tongue local people couldn't understand, forced an automatic rifle into the hands of a local man, a husband forcibly separated from his wife and children. Gesturing to stand with their backs against the school boundary wall in front of a school, soldiers forced the husband to aim the gun directly at the people gathered. Refusing, the husband was directed to look at his family, who, now being held down by soldiers , had firearms pointed that them.  The husband eventually understood what he believed necessary to save his family.  The lead soldier, directing attention to the gathered crowd shouted out, “You are all commanded to surrender or die as communists!” The lead soldier, repeating the command louder, caused those standing in front of the school to huddled in fear.  Unable to understand the order, the peoples failure to respond was interpreted by the soldiers as obstinate resistance. The same lead soldier then turned to the husband holding the rifle, with gestures to again take aim at his people in the crowd. Again, the husband protested until the soldiers around his family lifted arms and began to manhandle his wife and children.  Still resisting, the husband eventually assumed an aggressive posture with rifle aimed at the crowd after hearing his wife crying and children screaming. Other soldiers took up rifles, aiming at the local crowd while the lead soldier put a gun to the head of the wife.  Confused and fearful, the husband followed the lead soldier's directions to fire on the village crowd. The husband closed his eyes,  with half hearted aim, he pulled the trigger to fire upon the crowd. Not satisfied with the local man’s efforts, the lead soldier ordered other soldiers to initiate abusive treatment of his family. As screams of his children rose to his ears, he began to fire on the crowd of locals more earnestly. Some women in front of the school dropped to the ground to help a child struck by bullets from his gun.

The School Today
The crowd began to disperse in the frenzy of gun fire, at the moment the soldiers began to openly fire on the frightened people. Blood splattered everywhere as villagers began falling to the ground.  The lead soldier relentlessly forced the local man to keep firing on the village people while tormenting his family.  Minutes later, few local people remained standing; the husband dropped the rifle, hoping to return to his family.  Suddenly, the lead soldier grabbed the husband, forcing him to face his family who were being held at a distance. Laughing maniacally, the lead soldier restraining the husband, began giving orders to the remaining soldiers, who, in response, closed in on the husband's family, grabbed the wife and began to gang rape her, while the screaming children, soaked with gasoline, were hauled up a nearby tree and set fire to light up the sexual mutilation of their mother as they were burned alive.  Crumbling in horror, the lead soldier, desiring to tempt the husband to foolish revenge, gave him a hand gun,  however, maliciously calculated by the lead soldier, the man knowing all hope was lost, put the barrel of the gun in his mouth and blew a hole through his skull.

This incident was just an example of  one of the many ways soldiers of the military presence frantically suppressed the alleged “communist presence” on Jeju Island on April 3, 1948.  More troops began arriving on the island, with some beginning work on systematic backhoe digging, where local Jeju citizens were lined up, shot through the head, and let drop into long open trenches.  It was reported by a researcher of the University of Chicago that one CIA agent, observing the methodical trench slaughter, exclaimed, “I can’t believe this is happening!” This exclamation by the agent,  indicates the actions taking place were out of control and highly abnormal.  Without offering other islanders a chance to surrender, other troops drove into villages, shot the locals on sight, surrounded the entire settlement, dousing with gasoline then setting on fire; it became the quickest way to kill the locals without dealing with mass burials and disease.  In some villages, a family of one house was spared as the military took the house for a headquarters, while the rest of the villagers were killed and burned in their buildings.
Until the holocaust ended, Mount Halla, the central island mountain, provided caves on the upper slopes where some island people escaped for refuge. During the slaying of one group of villagers, a young diver woman escaped by dodging gun fire while running toward the ocean, where she dove below the surface and later found refuge behind a rock out cropping. Among survival stories, many suffered dehydration while hiding in the various obscure volcanic vents known to the locals. Other than these accounts, little was uncovered in terms of escape and survival stories during the six year my period of research.
Not only a crime against humanity the slaughter of Korean civilians cut deeply into the essential social relationship structure so critically essential to Korean cultural survival. 

After discovering how North Korea came to be, fitting back into American existence has been difficult. Before leaving the US in 1998 to do graduate research in Korea, I had no idea about the truth of Korean history; because everything learned had been provided by the very system that had subverted actions during the Japanese colonial efforts to assimilate Korea during the early 1900s and the subsequent massacre on Jeju Island in 1948.   While working in Korea as an educator, an incident occurred that would forever change my understanding of history; an understanding that was clarified and made meaningful while interacting with people directly affected by events forbidden to Americans. Why was it forbidden? The primary excuse given by those associated with the US government was that the information was part of classified military actions on Jeju Island Korea.  Because of its classified nature, it was not permitted to be made public until declassification. How many other atrocities and war crimes have been obfuscated under the auspices of “classified military secrets?” Nevertheless, when a people suffer many years after the horror presented in the above story, it becomes hard to suppress the pain, and this is apparently what happened when an old woman addressed me as a murderer during my early days working in Korea.

One night while living in Korea, I was verbally assaulted by an aged woman who accused me of killing her baby.  Being shocked by such an accusation, I brought the issue to a class of college students I was teaching.  With great caution, they began to revealed the reason for the old woman’s actions. Eyes nervously looking around to the faces of fellow students, they began to disclose a here-to-fore unknown, slice of hidden world history. After questioning them as to why this story was never made public, they explained how a deliberate government cover up, had systematically blocked all historical records, forbidding information about the event to be taught or spoken about. After class, on the way home, a girl who had attended the lecture, passed a note to me; and on the note was an Internet link to a record of the matter made public by an officer of the South Korean Army; the material detailed U.S. involvement supporting Korean militants in response to alleged communists activity on Jeju Island; however, the material and link vanished from the Internet in the same way every other accurate document had vanished.

Interviews with Korean teachers revealed that the South Korean government had indeed, submissively cooperated with US dictates, being responsible for country wide censorship of this history; the records and lessons detailing the horror and magnitude of US military maneuvers had been meticulously removed from all public records. The massacre which took place on April 3, 1948, involved the butchering and merciless incineration of some 80,000 civilians, an event that over shadows reports associated with the alleged Nazi holocaust; an event blocked from the knowledge of Koreans; not only blocked from Koreans but Americans as well. Americans, the people whose country has initiated and continues to perpetrate similar horrors before and after the associated date of April 3, 1948, Americans know nothing of this historical event or its connection to the formation of North Korea. Why don’t Americans know? For two reasons, the first being the absence of information through actions of a methodical propaganda propagating military industrial market driven media; the second being the highly effective out come of skillfully engineered social psychology as principles of cognitive dissonance are applied. 
As the months ahead would reveal, it was a piece of history purposely culled out of all historical records and educational curriculum; even though Korean teachers with whom I worked, explained how they were not permitted to lecture on the massacre.  In conflict with the mandated censorship, were the desires of student’s parents who desperately wanted educators to teach their children about the event violently disrupting the continuity of ancestral lineage; though  virtually meaningless to American values, the connection of ancestral relationships is critically foundational to Korean culture. Figuring that the information prohibition was an artifact of US dictates, as an American, I took advantage of this supposition and began to openly lecture on the massacre of Jeju Island.  In response to my efforts, no Korean educator dare stop me and parents were so over whelmed with joy that they began to pay me a generous sum to teach their children on the weekends.  From the supplemental weekend lessons, I gained additional details about the massacre from parents and grandparents; in time, highly coveted access to stories about the massacre long hidden by fear, were gained. The following six years saw an ongoing process of public and private lectures so greatly lauded by parents and the communities within which teaching took place that I had little time for anything else.

During his term in office, President Bill Clinton had expressed regret for a similar slaughter of 500 Koreans civilians at No Gun Ri, yet stopped short of an apology. Older Koreans, aware of the Jeju Island incident, wondered why President Clinton failed to expressed any apology for the April 3, 1948 massacre of 80,000 civilians, or why it wasn’t even mentioned.
Because of  Wikipedia's prohibition on original research, efforts to modify online records referenced to this event were blocked. Returning to the United States, the knowledge of my website containing publication of the Jeju massacre, was brought to my attention by agents of the Department of Homeland Security while reviewing immigration matters.

Koreans reeling from the savage colonial Japanese efforts were not expecting the United States to shift roles from saviors to one of merciless butchers who made Japanese efforts look civilized. Efforts to escape brutal US forces compelled surviving Koreans to run for the northern part of the peninsula.  It was a few years after the atomic bombing of Nagasaki that Korean Freedom Fighters, under the leadership of Kim Ill Sung, attempted to set up resistance against U.S. presence who had taken over the Japanese offensive. When the opposition shifted from Korea against Japan, to Korea against the U.S., confrontation became insurmountable, forcing Korea to call on their ally, China.  Being compelled by approaching U.S. forces, Korean refugees with Kim Ill Sung sought help from Communist China in the north part of the Korean peninsula. Thus it was out of sheer desperation that defensive lines were drawn by Koreans in the north against the U.S. in the south. It became a battle of Koreans whose conscience had been violated by the Jeju massacre, against U.S. forces whose relentless worldwide conquest continues without conscience; producing psychological casualties among their troops while taking orders counter to conscience, invading lands and people the U.S. has no right to take.

Since the US maintains a relentless propaganda machine denouncing communism, Islam or any “non-American position” as a threat to Capitalist freedom to make wage slaves of the world, the western world has been programmed to see any “non-American” government as evil. Thus it was the simple survival instinct of a people running away to the North part of Korea to escape U.S. occupied South Korea. In essence, it was the action of the U.S. that functioned to form what is now known as North Korea. To this day, the people of North Korea are very well aware of a history the rest of the world is ignorant of and stands against the U.S. and Japan to this moment.

As recently heard on an American public radio network, an individual lauding recent legislation allowing open carry handguns said, “The right to bear arms gives the American people the power to put others in the kill box when efforts of reason fail.” This strategy was applied to the civilian population of Jeju Island in 1948 as American troops gave the civilian island population a “reasonable choice” with the following English ultimatum to a people understanding only their native tongue, “Surrender or die as communists!”. When Koreans failed to understand what was said, US forces initiated a frenzied slaughter of the alleged “Communist opposition.” House to house and village to village, killing everyone and everything, then torching entire settlments producing a brutal living cremation of 80,000 agrarian men, women, children and livestock. I had a chance to visit the various locations of mass killings around the island and heard older farm people who lack any system of mass communication, reciting the account of systematic slaughter,  yet retaining an eerie sense making the accounts sound like echoes of ghosts aching to speak.

Being lead over a six year period commencing with the college students who first told me the account, verbal and written records connected with survivors of the Jeju April 3, massacre were collected and compared. The above is a little of the information gathered from personal interviews with survivors of the massacre and their children.

Though short of voicing all that has been learned first hand from survivors, the foregoing is a preliminary effort to make known the plight of the off spring of survivors in North Korea; it’s an effort to quell the ignorance of people who think their media is a source of truth, as well as those people who may feel they are helpless captives of a run away parasitic monster bent on complete world domination, a goal which will fulfill the dreams of the Third Reich as the alleged victims now control the effort.

The question may come, “What good does rehearsing such an appalling history do at such a late date?” As it has been said so many times, Those Who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed To Repeat It." The issue is this, with the research I’ve done, it has become glaringly apparent that horrendous events like the one above continue to happen, WHY?  BECAUSE a monstrously methodical effort is being made to obfuscate all evidence and tracks connected to totally inhumane acts blatantly violating conscience which needed legislation as the Geneva Conventions treaties. Yes, the acts are unthinkable, but what is even more unthinkable is the ignorant and blind eye the public maintains even after facts are presented. If it’s not understood at this point, my intensions for presenting this six year research review, is to make the public aware; NOT simply of terrible events, BUT the effort of powers in government to busy themselves outlawing information, deleting text and internet resources, WHY?  The purpose of this dark hand is to insure that people NOT LEARN FROM HISTORY….after all, if the data, records and information are continually erased, then the system capitalizing on death will continue unabated insuring continued ignorance so people NOT LEARN FROM HISTORY.  Think about it….if a military industrial complex wants to insure a long prosperous life facilitating death, then death in the form of ignorance must be actively facilitated through information loss. For such an economic system, its essential to insure that the latest generation be made ignorant through poor education maintained through information obfuscation, which makes the sending of tax dollars and their son’s to fuel the machine of death, relatively painless.  


Briefly,  North Korea was formed after Korean civilians of Jeju Island, were massacred by US presence on April 3, 1948 . The event struck fear and distrust in the hearts of Koreans, who, running to the north, found refuge and safety yet still in their own land, made its northern boarders a new home.  Overt efforts were made to hide all information about the slaughter so the US wouldn't be defamed or lose reason to continue it presence in Korea.  The above report, a segment of the truth obfuscated by the US, remains in North Korea in greater detail. Because of this, the US, desperately eager to destroy the last vestiges of information that could cast "further doubt" on WHY in the world its presence continues to spread around the globe like a cancer, destroying not only life and property, but precious information; information by which people of the world might avoid future terror by learning from history's lessons.

Concluding reflection:  Even though the Forbidden History of North Korea was concealed, it wasn't accomplished by the men of the forces in Korea. Above is a soldier caring for a kitten found while serving in Korea during the same period as the Jeju Island conflict. The truth of life isn't always totally dark, but, like the night sky, an interplay of tiny bits of star light amidst the greater darkness of deep space; it's essential to keep our sights on what stars we can find, though they be few, they may be the only beacons showing the lost the way home.

"Be not a war mongering capitalist on the earth — Leave room for North Koreans — Leave room for North Koreans."

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